Hailing from Madison, WI ARCHERS emerged in 2015 after being founded by guitarist Ben Koehler, and vocalist Nathanael Pulley. Since releasing their debut EP Cuts & Bruises, the band has been anything but dormant. The past 7 years the band has toured nationally, and performed alongside well known bands such as I Prevail, Palisades, and From Ashes To New. The band broke onto the national scene with their metalcore cover of “The Hills” by The Weeknd, which has racked up over two million Spotify streams to date. They kept the momentum going by following up with original tracks “Bleed For This” in 2018 and “Black Lung” in 2019. They followed their newest EP with “New Normal” in 2020 which showcased a new sound for the band by intertwining their traditional metal-core sound with pop production elements. In 2021, ARCHERS took a leap with the release of “Blanket Fort” that lead to their branding as the “softest bois in metal core” and blended pop punk with both metal-core and pop. “Bitter” was released in 2022 and was the single that really solidified the band’s sound and set the stage for future releases. Over the past two years the band has independently toured through the US.

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