Beauty School Dropout (BSD) is a Los Angeles based rock band comprised of Colie Hutzler, Beepus, and Bardo. Resurrecting heavy guitar tones, charging drums, and sticky melodies, all while still staying true to themselves through relatable and emotional lyrics.

Spearheaded by A&R Mark Hoppus under new label Verswire with Pete Wentz and Sherry Saeedi, Beauty School Dropout’s debut album “We Made Plans And God Laughed” is a culmination of the most iconic influences of rock music.

The recently released album features an amazing list of collaborative effort including the feature of Mark Hoppus in “Almost Famous” as well as contributors Andrew Goldstein, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth, Inverness, Slush Puppy, Ryan Follese, Nash Overstreet, and Dan Book.

The band has just finished their first headlining US tour which garnered incredible reviews and built thousands of fans from Los Angeles to New York and in between.

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