From Ashes to Embers

From Ashes to Embers From Ashes To Embers (F.A.T.E) is a 6 piece alt-metal band from Chicago, Il. FATE uses a mix of heavy, brutal riffs and soaring, melodic vocals to create a dynamic soundscape not often found in most modern, heavy music. Formed in early 2021 amidst the worldwide pandemic, FATE began as the […]


NVRLESS Hailing from the Grand Canyon State, five piece alternative metal band NVRLESS has proved a force to be reckoned with in their five short years together. Releasing purely self-produced and self-written music at the highest caliber while sporting a non-binary front man Kacey Foxx and additional powerhouse vocalist Jourdyn Shelby, the band continues to […]

Nail Bite

Nail Bite Nail Bite is an award winning metal band from Lancaster PA. Created by founding member Johnnie Bitting in late 2019. Members include Johnnie Bitting (Vocals and guitar) Lonna Nelson (Vocals) Caiden Nelson (Keyboard) Quintin Hurrell (Drums) John Bitting (Bass guitar).


SUECO Sporting signature spectacles under a loose mane of wild long hair, Sueco practically drips attitude. The gold – certified Los Angeles – based singer, producer, and multi – instrumentalist channels the spirit of nineties pop – punk through a 21st century lens, tap ping into the unpredictability of hyperpop, the catharsis of hardcore, and […]