Los Angeles-based alternative rock duo Holy Wars know their way around infectious hooks and putting on high-intensity performances like the back of their hand. Kat Leon (Vocals) and Nick Perez (Guitars, Production) have worked to develop a unique and constantly-evolving sound that fuses everything from ‘90s-era riot girl energy to darkwave and industrial-tinged rock and roll – culminating with their heavy hitting 2022 debut release EAT IT UP SPIT OUT. Since the release of their debut album, Holy Wars has experienced significant success with DSP playlisting leading them to score the cover of the highly coveted Heavy Queens playlist on Spotify as well as Breakthrough Rock on Amazon. On EAT IT UP SPIT OUT, Leon proves that she has an innate ability to pen lyrics that transform tragedy into uplifting art. Never afraid to tackle relevant topics such as capitalism (“1% MILK”), social media addiction (“MY DRUGS ARE DIGITAL”), and the importance of female empowerment in the music industry (“SUCK IT UP”) – Leon channels it all through her dynamic, soulful vocals that feel like the perfect hybrid between Karen O. (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Zach de la Rocha (Rage Against The Machine). Perez is a guitar virtuoso in his own right offering visceral down-tuned riffs, ambient soundscapes and abstract solos which provide the perfect amount of color and depth needed to amplify the band’s message. When not touring with Holy Wars, Perez doubles as the guitarist for genre-bending alternative rock artist Poppy across North America and the mainstages of Reading and Leeds Festival. 

Beyond their recorded music, Holy Wars’ live shows are where everything truly comes full-circle. Holy Wars take every opportunity to feed off the energy of the crowd and use it to create a colossal and captivating soundscape and with Leon’s charismatic and fearless stage presence, they have the ability to win over a diverse range of audiences. It is no surprise that the band’s high-intensity live performances have led the group to share the stage alongside legendary groups such as Coheed and Cambria, Alkaline Trio, and Papa Roach to the next generation of up and coming alternative artists including Scene Queen Rocks and Nightclub. While Holy Wars feel right at home supporting a wide range of artists, they have certainly proven that they are headline-tour worthy in more ways than one. For their album release party on April 29th, the duo sold out the 350 cap venue Harvard & Stone just one week after their now infamous sold-out show at The Echo (300 cap)  in Los Angeles. 

In partnership with music publisher BMG, Holy Wars have secured several high-profile syncs including a 2022 appearance on NCIS (“TV DINNER) along with their 2020 single “Welcome to My Hell” scoring two massive placements with Pretty Little Liars (2022) and their selection as the official theme for WWE’s Hell in a Cell. Leon and Perez have always been focused on collaboration and forming strong relationships with their musical peers which has led to a series of writing sessions with everyone from MOTHICA, KFlay, The Warning, Yonaka, No Love For The Middle Child, among many others. 

Since the release of EAT IT UP SPIT OUT this past spring, Holy Wars have now released the long-awaited deluxe edition of their debut album (Sept.8), which features the brand new single “MY DRUGS ARE DIGITAL” along with live tracks of select cuts from the record captured during their recent tours. While Holy Wars will continue to hit the road hard for the remainder of 2022, fans can expect new music from the group at a rapid rate within Q1/Q2 of 2023, and it certainly seems like the best is yet to come. 

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