HXLA (pronounced “Hex-La”), is an American Pop/Punk band formed between teen guitarist Seth Huteson (age 19), drummer/percussionist, Izzy Eddins (age 17) and singer-songwriter/guitarist, “Hela” (age 19).The band was started when production staff songwriter Hela reached out to Austin-based drummer Eddins to join him in forming a pop/punk influenced assemble. Within weeks, Houston-based guitarist Huteson, connected with the duo and agreed to join forces. Whereas Hela had established himself professionally as a staff songwriter for a Canadian-based production company, both Huteson and Eddins had been widely known in southern Texas for their energetic live performances and musical prowess.In the summer of 2022, the group finished recording their first song, “Waste of Time”. The recording of the singles, Romeo & Juliet, Make Believe, Deathbed, and Wasted Again and Toxic followed shortly thereafter, completing their first EP.Their music has been described as energetic and highly melodic. Their songs are noted for their catchy hooks with distinct vocal-phrasing, making their sound very “distinguishable”. All of their material is produced in-house, without the aid of outside producers.

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