Beneath the Sleep Token banner, lies the unique, broad-based vision of one individual –anonymous, silent, masked, armed with a staggering vocal range, a deft touch on the keyboards, plus a live approach that is never less than fully engaged.

The UK underground entity only known as Sleep Token, fronted by Vessel, started the ‘Sundowning’ ritual on June 20th 2019 with ‘The Night Does Not Belong To God’. Sleep Token began to unveil their ‘offerings’ bi-weekly, released Thursday’s at sundown BST with accompanying visualizers. Each offering had its own emblem, establishing the Sleep Token universe on debut album, ‘Sundowning’.

Then, on June 18th, 2021, the cycle commenced again, but born afresh…

The second album, ‘This Place Will Become Your Tomb’, pushes the boundaries of Sleep Token’s sound into new avenues, blurring genres whilst still retaining the signature approach. Videos for ‘Alkaline’, ‘The Love You Want’ and ‘Fall For Me’ reveal different aspects of the Vessel persona.

The power of Sleep Token grows,and the rituals have attracted followers in greater numbers than ever before. The United Kingdom alone has witnessed sold out headline tours, show-stealing performances at major festivals including Download and a stage-headlining turn at Bloodstock Open Air, an arena run as special guests to Architects, and the intimate ‘Room Below’ performances to the most devoted of followers.

The word has also begun to spread Worldwide, with Australia recently joining in worship at the behest of headliners ‘Northlane’ before a comprehensive expedition across North America with ‘In This Moment’.

2023 brings with it the promise of new rituals and offerings, beginning with the largest assembly yet across the United Kingdom this January.

This is the start of something…

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