ten56. Is a project built upon the stress and uncertainty of a global pandemic, made up of real people who are sick of the pretentious elite and the hypocrisy of the industry.

ten56. was founded across the summer of 2020, vowing to become the vector of uncompromised, raw emotions, drawn out of the darkest corners of human nature.

We write music that exposes the deepest inner pains of life, lifting the veil from egoism to expose the true dark thoughts that we all possess.

With a dark sound churned through an industrial machine to give the music an apocalyptic sound; with imagery that refuses to skim over the horrible truths that so many humans live through from day to day. A modern and dark view of what the future holds, whilst being conscient of the cold life that those at the bottom of society experience on the daily. ten56. is a mix of attitude, anxiety, and industrialism rolled into one angry package that lays bear for all to relate.

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